Set Of 12 Vintage Tasco Sterling Silver Cocktail Picks, STERLING .925 , 37 grams


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This is a set of 12  Maricela Tasco sterling figural hors d’oeuvres picks in the original box from the owner/purchaser.

The picks range from 2 7/8″ to 3 3/8″ long, have a hook to hold it on the rim of the glass.

Each piece is marked STERLING on the hook. These picks are .925 silver and total weight is 37 grams.

Origin: purchased in Tasco, Mexico in the late 1950’s
The figural top feature:
  • donkey
  • lariat
  • sombrero
  • cactus
  • Navajo (style) rug
  • jug
  • agave? plant
  • man w/gun
  • siesta man
  • schoolhouse?
  • rooster
  • prickly pear? cactus
The presentation/storage does show wear; hinges and clasp in working order and are original to the box.

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